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    After Effects

  • The modern tool system

    Scripts, presets, plugins, extensions, expressions and templates as well as PDFs, installer and license files, weblinks to tutorials or tools. All in one place. This is not just the best tool launcher out there. This brings ALL your tool tasks into one place. One system.

  • Wordpress

  • A button to trigger a dynamic media carousel in a lightbox

    With this Elementor widget you can dynamically open all sorts of media in a popup. Add any type of popup trigger to your page: Icon, Button, Image or Text. Set the content of the popup dynamically with our ACF based dynamic tag. Load images, videos or even texts. It even works with ACF-Repeater fields! So you can navigate right within the popup through your dynamically loaded ACF-Repeater field ́s media elements.

  • Four types of buttons in one widget

    With this Elementor addon you get one button widget with all the famous trigger type options: Icon, Button, Image or Text. And surly a hell lot of styling options for each.

  • Easily control your licenses and activations

    This plugin is a free plugin that comes with all our wordpress plugins. It is needed for running any of them. With it you can manage all your HAYWOOD WordPress plugins in one place. Manage your license keys, activate and deactivate the plugins and see what else we have in store for you.

  • Multi-chart setup automation

    Simply add stock- and crypto-charts to your Elementor built websites. With all the amazing features of Trading Views famous Chart-System. Set their free chart widget settings from within Elementor and load them dynamically as a loop template into chart grids by using the dynamic tag function.

  • Add any element into any other element

    Inject templates everywhere. Even into former unreachable places, right inside of other widgets, page templates or even popups. Just choose a template add the target CSS selector name of the element you want to have your template injected next to and you are done.

  • Figma

  • Design system-builder and linter

    Unify style parameters throughout your figma layout for better design consistency. Convert your intuitively designed first layouts into propper yet highly effective design systems. Or just fix your final design with your existing styles. Find inconsistencies or unlinked elements easily. Swap themes or incorporate external components and adapt them to your local or global styles in a breeze.

  • Unreal Engine

  • Scroll-zoom to your viewport mouse position

    Finally the Unreal viewport works just like all your other DCC-tool viewports: Zoom to your mouse position and back from it. Arrive at your target way more precisely and quicker than using the WASD keys. And it also syncs the camera movement settings to this mouse-scroll zoom.

  • One dialog to create an image sequence material

    Automate the process of creating the setup for an image sequence based material to become a one-dialog-action. Select your image sequence, set the framerate and you are done. It sets up all the assets for you and links them correctly: Image Media Source, Media Player, Media Texture, Material Asset, Texture Sample node, Sequencer and Media track. So you can easily place the material on your object and run the sequencer.

Media Production Service

Don´t want to do things yourself? Check out our design, film and development services at: HAYWOOD Digital Studio

Plugin Development Service

If you want us to built your own plugin, contact us here.